Why is our Talent Management Strategy not working? What Really Works?


This morning I was inspired and prompted by an HBR Article by Todd Warner: 3 Reasons Why Talent Management Isn’t Working Anymore.

I think this is such an interesting and important subject. And I want to share some of my thinking and experience around this – and hopefully catalyse a good discussion.

I think it’s a paradox that ” Talent Management” is one of the most used buzz words by CEO’s and HR Professionals. And we talk about an effective Talent Management Strategy as the most important strategy for any organisation…

…And yet, at the same time, I see a growing trend and conversation among leaders and organisations about how Talent Management is not working for them.

I think, for a start, that some of this conversation is confused by how we define Talent(s) and Talent Management. I think we need to have this discussion on how to define Talent(s) and Talent Management in order to have a common point of departure for fruitful conversation on how to execute and effective Talent Management Strategy.

At The Happiness Sweet Spot we have some experience and opinions abut this: http://www.thehappinesssweetspot.com/the-sweet-spot/talent/ And we like to be challenged on our view of the world. So please join the conversation.

 I think that an effective Talent Management Strategy is not a “stand-alone” or “one-size-fits-all” exercise for organisations. I think it involves finding your own sweet spot. What’s the way we do things around here? What do we believe in? Where are we on a scale from innocent to excellent? Where do we want to be?

And our leaders need an enabling infrastructure: clear processes and tools/techniques to support and maintain a sustainable Talent Management Strategy. I while ago I did a little post on Tools & Talent Management Strategies here on LinkedIn.

And I believe, that to create a real, unique, Competitive Advantage for your organisation, you need to address your Talent Management Strategy in a combination with a strong, heartfelt organisational Purpose and a culture of Compassion.

Your real – unique – competitive advantage is in your Purpose, your culture and how you manage and lead your people: Your Talent Management Strategy.

That’s what I think. What do you think?

Contribute, agree, disagree and let’s co-create on this. What Really Works?

All my very best from Copenhagen – and Lars.

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