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It has been a couple of months since I have updated you on what’s going on with The Happiness Sweet Spot.

We still get a lot great feedback and response from individuals and organisations on how to work strategically with PurposeTalent and Compassion. In most cases the business case is a “no-brainer” and the organisational changes are compelling from an individual, organisational, and societal perspective.

It’s great to be involved with something that makes so much sense and brings meaning. Life is good!

4 Resources and News I Would Like to Share with You:

  1. The Happiness Sweet Spot Executive Leadership Course
  2. Why is Our Talent Management Strategy Not Working? What Really Works!
  3. Access to a Good Competency Model
  4. Talent Motivation Assessment Certification Training


The Happiness Sweet Spot Executive Leadership Course

I’m very proud and happy to announce this. You can join me at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica in December for The Happiness Sweet Spot Executive Leadership Course.

This will be a very special. Why not get a Leadership Course Certificate with the U.N. and The Happiness Sweet Spot logo together? I think it is grand and cool.

The course is based on the three elements of The Happiness Sweet Spot: Purpose, Talent & Compassion. This course is a unique opportunity to get in-depth and hands-on experience with The Happiness Sweet Spot framework. We will also work with your own talents and potential, you will get personalized feedback and we will help you build a plan to start working from The Happiness Sweet Spot for your organisation.

The course will also count as a part of the Diploma in Social Innovation from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.

Check it outContact me if you are interested or just a little curious.

Why is Our Talent Management Strategy Not Working? What Really Works!

My LinkedIn post and thoughts from last month on Talent Management Strategies has received a lot of attention.

I think it’s a paradox that “Talent Management” is one of the most used buzz words by CEOs and HR Professionals. We talk about an effective Talent Management Strategy as the most important strategy for any organisation, yet at the same time, I see a growing trend and conversation among leaders and organisations about how Talent Management is not working for them.

If you haven’t read it, here is the link. And feel free to join the conversation:

Access to a Good Competency Model

I think one of the reasons it is so difficult for good organisations to develop an effective and sustainable Talent Management strategy, is the lack of simple processes, infrastructure and tools to enable real talent and performance dialogues.

Through one of our partners in the “talent market,” we are able to share this very good Competency Model with you: our network and partners.

To have access to a good, professional, and thorough Competency Model is a big deal, I think. And often a costly investment.

Here you have a complimentary access to play around with the model and see how it could possibly help you with your organisation. I think it is a very good resource.

And let me know if you want to work with the model in your organisation.

Talent Motivation Assessment Certification Training

Let’s Work Together

If you want me to introduce The Happiness Sweet Spotspeak to your team, or help you with a project, let me know. I’m planning to be in Asia in September, US in October and Costa Rica in December. And otherwise I’m around in Copenhagen and Europe. Check out here what’s going on or just drop us a line if you have a question.

As always, I’m Happy to Help.
All my very best from Lars & The Happiness Sweet Spot Team

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