From Innocence to Excellence Assessment


Think about your organization.

  • What are the characteristics?
  • Do you have a heartfelt purpose that resonates with the WHY of the individuals in the organization?
  • Do you have a focus on building a strong leadership culture?
  • Do you cultivate a culture of compassion?
  • Do you have a Strengths Management Strategy?
  • A strategy that recognizes that everybody in the organization has talent?
  • Do you conduct regular Talent Dialogues with all employees?

Think about this as you place the slide below from 0-100 as it relates to the Purpose, Compassion, and Strengths in your organization.

0 [Innocence] = "Our purpose is a figure"
100 [Excellence] = "A strong heartfelt purpose that is bigger than profit. We tell our why story in the market to brand our products and use it to attract talent"

0 [Innocence] = "Only the executive team and a few "young lions has strengths in our organization"
100 [Excellence] ="We have a Strengths Management Strategy that talks to all employees. All individuals in the organization have regular Strengths Dialogues. We have a system to support it."

0 [Innocence] ="Compassion has no place in our workplace"
100 [Excellence] = "We are cultivating a culture of compassion. Helpfulness, empathy and passion are important and recognized leadership competences "