Why the Happiness Sweet Spot?

From a strategic and organizational perspective The Happiness Sweet Spot aims at creating a real and unique competitive advantage for your organization.

The Happiness Sweet Spot goes beyond traditional strategic and management consulting “quick fixes” by creating sustainable results build on a focus on Purpose, Compassion and Talent.

In a social and society context, The Happiness Sweet Spot addresses the role and possible obligation (CSR) for organizations in creating wellbeing and happiness for individuals and nations.

Business Process Re-engineering, Best Practice, Operational Excellence etc., is necessary but not sufficient. This is a “license to operate.” Your real, unique competitive advantage is in your Purpose, your culture and how you manage and lead your people: The Happiness Sweet Spot.

The Business Case

The Business Case for Happiness, The Business Case for Purpose and the Business Case for having simple Operational Talent Management Strategy can all be established. Backed up with academics, research and good real life cases. Have look at the Blog for inspiration.

The Business Case for working with The Happiness Sweet Spot for your organization, is about doing the right things, the right way and with the right timing.

 This is where you hit The Happiness Sweet Spot. And this is where the real, unique, competitive advantage is for your organization. We can help you build The Happiness Sweet Spot Business Case based on the available research and our best practice experience. It’s not rocket science! It’s a lot of common sense put into an enabling framework. Seek us out for inspiration.